The Cylinder is for heavier waves. It combines a tight, thin, pintail you'd find on a step-up board with a fuller, thicker, front end for paddle power. The Cylinder is the best of two worlds in a compact board with paddle power, but without the length to get in the way. 

        Widepoint is pushed up a bit. There is extra volume for the size of board with the thickness centered and foiled out to thinner rails with a domed deck. mellow entry rocker with solid tail rocker. The beauty of this model is you could go down in length for smaller tighter double-ups  all the way up to a 8'0" for extra large waves where moving around a line-up, or getting into a wave is the major battle. 

        The Cylinder is very versatile. I made myself a 5'10" quad that surprised me, I couldn't believe how hard I could push turns on it. The board is also very fun to shape because there are so many cool feature this board will accomodate, things like chimed rails, 5-fin setups, channel bottoms, baby swallow tails, etc. 
*Featured Dimensions //
5'11'' x 19'1/8" x 2'7/16" // 28.85L